Tick Spray - Atlantick (60ml)

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Atlantick Tick Spray - 60ml

Atlantick Tick Spray is purifying, refreshing, and energizing. The fresh scent of Lemongrass offers a clean, crisp aroma that you can spray on you, your dog or a pup pendant. Use this Tick Spray to protect yourself and pets against ticks and the possibility of contracting lyme disease.

The witch hazel plant possesses strong antioxidant and astringent properties, perfect for killing bacteria that lives within skin's pores, stopping cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer, preventing signs of aging, and speeding up healing. Lemongrass oil comes from the tropical lemongrass plant Cymbopogon flexuosus. Because of its high citral and geraniol content, lemongrass has been known to repel mosquitos, ticks and, as an added bonus if you're a dog owner, to kill fleas! Jojoba oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum. Acting as a natural moisturizer it has many benefits to your skin and hair. Salt water from the ocean is packed with healthy minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc, which are all easily absorbed by the skin. We use Atlantic sea water in both our sprays and soaps so your skin can reap all the benefits on a daily basis while protecting yourself at the same time.