Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra)

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Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra)

Our Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra) herbal tincture is a medicinal herb that is clinically used to support cognitive function including poor memory, mental exhaustion, mental sharpness or alertness, especially when caused by chronic stress. Schisandra also supports relaxation, sleep disturbances, mental and physical fatigue.

Botanical Name: 

  • Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra)

Common Name(s): 

  • Shisandra
  • Magnolia Vine
  • Wu Wei Zi

Ingredients: Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra), gluten-free pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, distilled water.

Production Method: This Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra) herbal tincture was crafted using a whole-herb percolation extraction which produces a more concentrated and bio-available final product compared to the traditional (folk) maceration method.

Part Used: Fruit

Percentage of Alcohol Used: 45%

Herb to Menstruum Ratio: 1:4

NPN#: 80102883

Recommended Use(s)

  • Used in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid (during times of mental stress).
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness (calmative).
  • Used as an Adaptogen to help to temporarily relieve symptoms of stress (such as mental fatigue and sensation of weakness).
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help support cognitive function (such as mental focus and mental stamina).
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve sleep disturbances associated with mood imbalance.
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help support cognitive function and/or reduce mental fatigue (in cases of mental stress).
  • Helps to promote alertness and wakefulness, and to enhance cognitive performance.
  • Helps to relieve/reduce fatigue/tiredness.
  • Helps to support/promote mental sharpness/alertness.
  • Helps support memory.
  • Helps to decrease cognitive fatigue due to physically stressful situations (e.g. extended wakefulness, exposure to cold, excessive noise).
  • Helps to support cognitive health and/or brain function.
  • Helps to temporarily promote relaxation.
  • Used in Herbal Medicine to help improve mental performance after periods of mental exertion.

Recommended Dosage: Adults 18 years and older - work up from 1 to 15 drops per day to a maximum of 8ml 3 times per day, or as directed by your health care provider.

Cautions & Warnings:

  • Consult a health care provider prior to use if you are breastfeeding.


  • Do not use if you are pregnant

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care provider for further information & dosing recommendations.