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About Us

We are an online herbal dispensary based out of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our team has over 10 years experience making herbal tinctures for the naturopathic medical profession in Canada and the United States.

Our mission with Apex Botanicals is to continue to provide the same professional quality tinctures to the public, specifically the Lyme community, who need them the most. We know access to Lyme-literate Naturopathic and Medical doctors can be expensive and hard to find, so our goal is to help bridge that gap by providing easily accessible, high quality products that are selected by an LLND.

Under the direction of our LLND, we've chosen only those herbs and products that we know can help treat Lyme and co-infections while also supporting the immune system and managing the symptoms related to chronic infection.

Each of our tinctures are made from the highest quality organic herbs available. Using traditional maceration methods, our tinctures are made at a 1:4 ratio using variable alcohol concentrations to ensure the most complete extraction and highest potency. 

We're excited to be able to make these difficult-to-find herbs available at the tips of your fingers and we aim to continually expand our selection to supplements and homeopathic remedies as well. 

For more information about us and our products, please visit our FAQ page!